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ScotiaCard Online Activation

Welcome to the ScotiaCard Online Activation form. For your protection, your new ScotiaCard must be activated before it can be used. 

Activating your new ScotiaCard is simple and easy. Please follow these easy steps -- the process will take only a few minutes.


Attention all Online Brokerage clients; please be advised if activating your Scotia Card Monday through Friday, during regular business hours, it may take up to 2 hours before access is available to your brokerage accounts online. If activating outside of regular business hours or on the weekend access will be available the following business day.

To get immediate access to your accounts on ScotiaOnLine ScotiaMcLeod clients should call 1-866-437-4990 (during regular business hours) and ScotiaMcLeod Direct Investing clients should call 1-800-263-3430.

Please enter the 16 digit ScotiaCard number below and select 'Continue'.